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Watch: Passengers Fall Off Speedboat During Photo Shoot, Boat Goes Flying


This past weekend, all three occupants of a speedboat in Marin County, Florida somehow fell overboard while “doing a photo shoot,” sending the unmanned boat careening towards the shore at full speed, where it hit a dock and went airborne.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office posted an aerial video of the incident on Facebook two days ago under the ALL CAPS headline: “Unmanned Out of Control Boat Goes Airborn [sic] After Smashing Into Concrete Dock, Ending Dangerous Ordeal”

In a description accompanying the video, the sheriff’s office says that all three people aboard were “doing a photo shoot” when they “somehow fell overboard, leaving the 24-foot vessel unmanned and out of control.” After speeding around in circles a few times—nearly running over its previous occupants—the boat straightened out and went speeding towards the shore, where it hit a concrete dock, went airborne, and finally stopped after hitting a second dock closer to shore.

You can watch the full video of the incident below:

The aerial footage was captured via helicopter by Chief Pilot, Deputy Doug Newsom, while pilot Justin Lundstteadt stayed over the boat to direct marine units who were trying to assess the situation, rescue the boat’s former crew, and keep the out-of-control vessel from causing any serious damage.

According to the police report, only one of the three men was hurt, suffering “minor injuries” while trying to swim to safety. An investigation into what exactly happened has been turned over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), and no further details about the on-board “photo shoot” that allegedly caused the incident has been released.