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Watch the Northern Lights Dance Over Norway in Real-Time for 5 Breathtaking Minutes

If you’re like us, seeing the Aurora Borealis in person is high on your bucket list… quite possibly right at the top. The idea of watching this spectacular natural light show in real-time is thrilling, and while you don’t get there sitting on your couch reading this, the video above by Ole C. Salomonsen of Arctic Light Photo is about as close as you’re likely to get without being there in person.

Captured over the course of several months in Norway, Salomonsen has compiled the best of the best real-time footage he was able to capture with the Sony a7S into 5 minutes of northern lights bliss. Read more…

external Interview: Billy Name’s Rare Photos of Andy Warhol’s Factory in the Silver Age —American Photo Magazine

Ten questions for the photographer whose new book captures a glimmering moment in New York’s ‘60s scene.

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external The difference between photography and most other art forms —Ming Thein

I’ve struggled a bit for a title to today’s essay. Through the course of my investigation into other forms of art — perhaps investigation is a bit too strong a word; meandering or exploration is probably closer — I’ve noticed that photography stands apart for two reasons: perception, and origin.

They’re really one and the same if you dig a bit deeper, and this also applies to a lesser extent to its derivatives — film/ video, mixed media etc. I suspect I may open a can of worms with this piece, but I’m also hoping it’s going to provoke some interesting discussion below the line in the manner of some of the classic posts of old…

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You Can Now Buy Fuji X-Series Cameras in US Best Buy Stores


Up till now, picking up a Fuji X-Series camera — in the literal sense — usually meant making your way to the local camera store… assuming it’s still in business. But apparently that is no longer the case. As long as there’s a Best Buy nearby, you can now pick up an X-Series cam in-store. Read more…

Video: MythBusters’ Jamie Hyneman Gets His Tintype Portrait Taken

We never get sick of watching talented wet plate photographers at work. This process, made to look so simple by those who have been honing their craft for years, is actually incredibly complex and finicky. And so when the Tested crew decided to get MythBusters’ star and fellow host Jamie Hyneman’s picture taken, they went to Michael Shindler, one of the absolute best. Read more…

external New photo filters added to Twitter iOS and Android apps —DPReview

Twitter has launched an update to its mobile apps for iOS and Android bringing a range of new photo filters. In addition to the added filter options, filter strength can now be adjusted via a slider, providing more control over the final result.

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Amazing Deal: Snap Up a Sony NEX-5T Kit for Only $300 Today, $150 Cheaper Than Ever Before


The Sony NEX-5T, a fantastic little mirrorless camera, has never sold for anything less than $450 on Amazon. In fact, right now, both B&H and Amazon have the body only priced at $500. Which is why it’s both surprising and exciting that the 5T kit with a 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens is going for $300! Read more…

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Christmas Card Photo Dubbed ‘Fabulously Awful’


There’s no getting around it, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair should have picked a different photo before he and his wife sent out this year’s Christmas card (yes… that’s their actual card). Sent to us by a reader, this wonderfully awkward image is good for a laugh and perhaps a cringe or two. Read more…

external When Photographers Become Self-Publishing Companies —TIME | LightBox

When Josh Lustig started photographing the wild and grubby Hackney Marshes in London on his way to and from work, he never thought it would lead him to oversee a photobook publishing venture. Yet, a year later, there he was, at the Polycopies book fair held during the Paris Photo photography trade show, presenting the releases of Tartaruga Books.

As he recounted his story, Juan Valbuena, standing in the booth next to his, nodded his head. The founder of Phree, who printed Carlos Spottorno’s award-winning 2013 photo book The Pigs, Valbuena also launched his small press as a way to give his own work more visibility.

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external The Magic Starts Here: Kenji’s Workshop of Camera Wizardry —Nat Geo | PROOF

Kenji Yamaguchi’s shop could be mistaken for Sid’s workbench from Toy Story, a place where mangled lenses and broken shutters crowd out bare areas of his workspace. His office is tucked away in the basement of National Geographic, behind a grease-covered floor filled with drill presses and electric saws.

Surrounded by robotic motors, modified macro lenses, and custom flashes, Kenji builds contraptions that can’t be bought. When a photographer needs to fasten a camera onto a thirty-foot pole to capture a bird in her nest, or build a wide-angle macro lense to identify pollen on a flower with mountains in the background, he’ll call Kenji.

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