Sony Announces Pricing and Availability for the Low-Light Powerhouse A7s


We don’t typically dedicate an entire post to a pricing and availability announcement, nor do we usually talk so much about cameras that are focused in large part on video capture, but the A7s is a big fat exception to these rules.

And so, it is with great aplomb that we tell you that Sony’s A7s, which looks to be unmatched in low-light if we’re to trust the tests that have come out thus far, will cost $2,500 and begin shipping in July.

If you’d like to find out more about the camera, check out our previous coverage. And if you’re already set to pull the trigger and buy it, you can pre-order by clicking here.

  • CrackerJacker


  • DLCade

    Oops, typo. Thanks for pointing it out! It’s been fixed :)

  • mike winslow

    you have to wonder how this compares to gen3 night vision..

  • RMJ

    like night and day

  • Matt Payne

    I read this as a 117 word plea to get people to click on your affiliate link for Amazon. I’m sure it is a great camera though. =)

  • Neato!

    Has sony made any more lenses for it? Or are you still going to have to use an adapter for everything.