Live Stream: Watch Sony Announce the 4K Full-Frame 12MP A7s Live at NAB


Normally, when a camera announcement is about to drop, we wait for the official word and then summarize the good parts for you in a post. But since it’s Sunday evening and rumor has it this is a fairly video-specific announcement, we thought we’d do something a bit different.

In 30 minutes, Sony’s NAB presentation is set to go live, and instead of watching that ourselves and then telling you about the Sony A7s that will supposedly be announced, we thought we’d just let you watch it for yourself. And if you’re checking this late, don’t worry: the embed will have a link to the replay so you can watch the presentation, too.

Of course, nothing is official yet, but rumor sites like sonyalpharumors seem 100% certain that this presentation will be where Sony’s A7s debuts. So keep an eye on the embed below for the official presentation:

By all accounts this camera will be video-centric, so it’s not as far up our alley as usual. But there is one particular rumor that has photographers excited: this full-frame shooter is said to sport significantly fewer megapixels than is standard these days.

That’s right, if rumors are correct, Sony is telling the megapixel war to shove it and packing a 12MP sensor in the A7s so that it can provide phenomenal low-light performance. There is also talk of an updated FE lens roadmap.

Until the official word drops this all gets filed in the ‘speculation’ folder, but you don’t have long to wait. So either keep an eye on that countdown or, if it’s already aired, go check out the presentation for yourself.