The One Hand Snap: A Shutter Release that Allows for One-Handed DSLR Operation


About 88,000 people in the U.S. are missing all or part of an arm, and among the things that are difficult or impossible for them to do is use an full-size camera.  Smaller point-and-shoots and phones allow simultaneous holding and operation, but anything bigger is out of the question without a tripod.

To the potential rescue comes Singapore scientist/inventor Xing Dawei, who has published plans for the One Hand Snap (OHSnap for short), a remote shutter release built into an silicone band that slips around the camera lens. Which means that the same hand that holds the camera by the lens can also click the shutter and set shutter speed and aperture, via a four-way jog dial that surrounds the shutter button.




Dawei says he came up with the design to aid amputees, but the device could easily be a boon to two-handed photographers who frequently find themselves juggling equipment and wishing for an extra hand.

The One Hand Snap design recently won a prestigious Red Dot design award, but it’s still firmly in the idea stage, with no immediate plans for production. Wouldn’t hurt to let the guy know, however, if you think it’s a cool idea.

(via Pop Photo)

Image credits: Photographs and illustrations by Xing Dawei via Yanko Design

  • [email protected]

    I love innovation that can help groups of people that would otherwise not get served by big corporations. You never know, someday this could be a product that you need and I’m glad someone created it. Well done.

  • Christian DeBaun

    Not only is it great for disabled people, it’s SUPER great for photographers who want to hold an OCF in the other hand.

  • Cinekpol

    Lovely idea. Something that actually helps people – that doesn’t happen very often. Well done!

  • Ross Jukes

    What an amazing (and yet simple) idea, I know it’s actual use is far more important in the grand-scheme of things, but it would sell in it’s thousands to ‘covert’ Street Photographers…

  • harumph

    As somebody with debilitating arthritis, I’d like to try this out. However, this product seems to be designed specifically for somebody who doesn’t have the use of their right arm/hand. For myself, I have more of an issue with my left hand, and shooting only with my right hand isn’t really much of a problem (D600 with auto-focus and a short lens, that is). Anyway, their pictogram muddies the waters a bit, as it depicts a figure missing their left arm, yet the product illustration shows somebody using it with just their left hand.

  • agour

    I can see it’s pretty useful for a niche (like you say amputees). Not sure it would benefit the general population much though

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    I think the yellow band is rotatable to support either hand. Also, if you have a righty, you might just get away with a normal dslr wrist strap / grip.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    If you could reprogram it, you could use it like the AF button on the longer lenses [ex. 70-200mm]