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These Smartphone Shutter Releases Are Shaped Like Film Rolls and TLR Cameras



Have you ever wished you could remotely control your smartphone’s camera with a trigger remote disguised as a 35mm film canister or a mini twin-lens reflex camera? If so, then your wish has been granted by the Japanese company Gizmon. For a small price, you can pick up one of these cute and colorful gadgets and pair it with your iOS or Android smartphone.


The film canister comes in two different model variations: one that connects via a cable and one that uses wireless Bluetooth. The Gizmon iCA Remote Shutter is the wired variety and comes in either red, yellow, or green. The package includes a retractable cord for easy carrying on the move.


The second variation of the film canister, the Film Roll Bluetooth, with wireless functionality allows you to snap photographs from up to 30 feet away; it includes a battery that is rated up to 30,000 pictures on a full charge via USB. According to the manufacturer, users can interact with the shutter in “all the major camera apps.” Available colors also include red, yellow, and green.


If rolls of film aren’t your thing, then you may be more interested in the TLR Camera Bluetooth Shutter, a miniature model of old-style cameras of the past. Operation specifications are the same as the above Film Roll variation, but the TLR model comes in pink, black, brown, and blue color offerings.


Gizmon has yet to officially announce a release date for the products, but reports seem to be pointing towards a price tag under $20. When available, you can pick up Gizmon’s latest gadgets from their Amazon page.

(via Gizmon via Imaging Resource)