Rumor: Nikon to Announce a Retro-Styled Full-Frame in the Next Three Weeks


There’s no denying that the Sony a7 and a7R made quite the splash in the photographic industry both before and after their official arrival. With full-frame sensors, a mirrorless design and price tags that make at least the a7 cheaper than even the most affordable full-frame alternatives, Sony hit the trifecta.

But a new rumor seems to indicate that Nikon, at least, wants to get in on some of the action by releasing a new retro-styled full-frame that will compete directly with Sony’s offerings.

All of the following information comes from Nikon Rumors and, before we go any further, we should mention that it doesn’t seem this camera will be mirrorless. Nikon is calling it a “hybrid camera,” and it may be Nikon’s answer to the a7’s styling (and hopefully price).

The new camera is rumored to sport the same sensor as the Nikon D4

The new camera is rumored to sport the same sensor as the Nikon D4

Specs, according to NR, are as follows: the same 16.2-megapixel full-frame sensor found in the D4, a pentaprism viewfinder (hence the assumption that this will not be a mirrorless camera), an Expeed 3 processor, a 3.2-inch LCD screen, native ISO of 100-12,800 and 5.5fps continuous shooting for up to 100 shots.

The styling is said to be similar to the old Nikon FM2 pictured at the top, and some late-breaking specs indicate that it will sport a standard F-Mount and ship with the rumored 50mm f/1.8G lens, which will match the retro styling.

For now that’s about all we know. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more info comes down the pipeline but, thankfully, we shouldn’t have to wait long for official news. According to NR, the camera could be announced as early as this coming week at the PhotoPlus Expo.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • no just no 2

    i am making a wild assumption here, but i’d gladly bet my d800 99.999% of mirrorless shooters dont own M-mount glass. And as said above, going to M-mount could be something you “have” to do depending on the system, considering there might be no alternative. so you are bringing up an statically irrelevant point, or you didnt understand the above point. i’d think most every serious photographer gets into a system because of the available lenses. there are choices.

  • TSY87

    I understand you, yes, when deciding on a system, you are looking at the body and lens selection however, i feel like these new full frame mirrorless cameras, especially these full frame ones are a somewhat niche market and part of the draw is the ability to run alternative glass. Any pro shooter wouldnt get this camera as a work horse, or at least i wouldnt think they would, its a different product for a different purpose.

  • Emph


  • Emph

    The megapixel war has not ended, look at the latest products from all the camera manufacturers. IMO 24 megapixels is the current sweet spot but the sweet spot is a moving target.

  • Jeeves

    There’s been a lot of ME TOO! ME TOO! from Nikon lately. Pentax releases a new camera and not 2 hrs later Nikon is there shouting ME TOO! ME TOO! Sony releases a new camera and Nikon is shouting LOOK AT ME! I HAVE A CAMERA TOO!

    Honestly, even though this may be good marketing, but it makes you look like the child you craves attention. I’m sorry Nikon, but some of us aren’t interested.

  • Silvestro Crino

    I was pumped for this camera….almost canceled my A7r preorder….but not yet…. This new nikon camera is big and heavy if the rumors are to be believed…. My D800e is big and heavy…but comfortable to hold and shoot with cause it’s got a great grip….this thing won’t have that …. And it will weigh a bit more than 1.6 pounds…. That’s half a pound more then A7r …. This camera is as tall and as high and as heavy as a D600…and only half inch thinner……

  • K S B

    Your reply doesn’t even make sense now. You were saying that Nikon is a copycat. And I’m saying, puhleease…Nikon has been in this longer than Sony or Minolta, and they’ve had bigger success in photography than any of those two.

  • K S B

    I never mentioned Apple.

  • K S B

    Ah ok. I didn’t even click that link. Who the hell voted me down? Damn you!!! LOL.

  • K S B

    Yeah, Nikon probably learned their lesson from the flopped mount for the J1.

  • K S B

    uhmm…there’s literally thousands of lenses you can use that are currently available and have been available since 1959. take your pick. nikon or not.

  • Genkakuzai

    Really really looking forward to this one.

  • Harry Samuel

    VIDEO PLEASE !!!!!!!. It will replace my FujiFilm X20, maybe if it has video. Otherwise my other PRO bodies are just fine. No video, no sale. My FE works just fine, how about a digital back ???

  • InTheMist

    I don’t believe that Nikon can design a camera in a week.

    Also, this isn’t mirrorless, but has a full pentaprism according to the rumors. If anything, it’s an answer to Fuji’s retro style.

  • Tim

    When you talk about “camera quality”, you’re putting the hardware in front of the photographer. The real driving force is the nature of the photos *YOU* want to make. Analogy: it is often said “you can make perfectly good photos with a 35mm film camera and a 50mm prime”; yes you can, but the results will be those that you can get from film and a 50mm prime which isn’t much use if what if you *want* to be shooting is sports events with a 300mm zoom, or ultra-wide-angle night-time landscapes featuring the Milky Way. That’s where the argument falls down: you can’t fudge by “zoom with your feet” for everything; the hardware has to change.
    Now, the megapixel count is just another aspect to it. People require print sizes: if 16MPel is enough for maybe 14×11″ then 20-24″ prints require stitching panoramas or super-resolution, but those impose constraints on the subject-matter (no sports and not much wildlife). And even if the constraints are acceptable, it’s still easier to blend 3 images rather than 20.

    In the current case, I’d say it was pretty obviously Nikon being the copy-cat. Same form-factor, just thought the people would want a 16MPel sensor where Sony have already produced the probable-game-changer with 24 or more. It might be spontaneous parallel evolution, but what are the chances of that when the world’s been full of Sony rumours for the last year or more and Nikon’s effort is scheduled to come out next year some time?

  • vwk

    Loved my FM2n and FM3a. Built like tanks, nearly as indestructible. Easy to use. ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and focus. Go anywhere, went everywhere. Need a “simple” second camera.

  • NY

    omg… cant wait for some reviews

  • R O

    Not sure why they went with DSLR and not mirrorless in this form, but I guess it’s a step in the right direction. Modern DSLRs have turned into bloated, shapeless monsters running on bloatware.

  • MXP

    Could be interesting with just a hinged digital back for the FM2/FE2/FM3A and for the F3. All I would need was to set the ISO and a slot for a SD memory card. It should just store the images in NEF. Then I could take pictures like the old days on film. No screen needed. Then the battery could be relative small with a long life before recharge. A kind of intelligent on/off switch… you don’t take “empty” images. Probably a kind of “feedback” for every picture needed so you are sure the image is in the “box”. When a new/better chip is available it would be nice if just the chip module could be changed so save cost. Maybe different chip modules option wold be nice. What about a super light sensitive 6 MP module? ….what would be possible with todays technology? ISO 6400 with no noise?

  • dontbeadumbass

    are you a dumbass? i shoot 10-4000 images per day depending on the gig, and 36.3 megapixels would be sweet for me. have usb2.0? then charge more for your “1000 shot gigs” you fruitcake.

  • dontbeadumbass

    tim knows what he’s talking about. who’s to say how much megapixels you need for street shooting? or how many stops of dynamic range do i need for street shooting? get a lyfe fruit, you aren’t the god of photography.

  • shaylynnvacca321

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  • Jordan Butters

    You’re not that au fait with how R&D and product development works, are you?

  • Peter Böszörményi

    You really think Nikon came up with the idea after Sony came out with the A7? You do realize that developing a camera like that takes months if not years.
    Nikon probably has been developing this one since last year and I’m pretty sure the idea was there long before that.
    It’s not like this is something revolutionary new. Anyone with a bit knowledge of the camera industry and an IQ higher than 100 knew that mirrorless full-frames where bound to happen…

  • flightofbooks

    I don’t think you know what an F-mount is.

  • flightofbooks

    A pro-shooter probably already has a full-frame DSLR and unless they’re shooting Canon, it has an F-mount.

    The pro-market for a camera like this is as a backup to a DSLR of the same lens system.

  • flightofbooks

    you are aware there are dozens of adapters to fit F-mount bodies, right? no, of course you’re not.

  • Martin

    And what about Canon? I would really love to see a Canon Full Frame mirror less, interchangable lens camera.

  • Ken Elliott

    “a pentaprism viewfinder (hence the assumption that this will not be a mirrorless camera),”

    These are not exclusive to one another. You can put a pentaprism on top of an electronic display on a mirrorless camera. In fact, this might allow you to use a much higher pixel count, and thus have a much sharper and brighter display.

    I really doubt this is the D4 sensor as we know it today. Since only the D4 uses that sensor, the shorter production run results in a higher cost. I suspect Nikon will update the D4 sensor design to take advantage of newer technology, and make a much larger production run. This lowers the cost of the sensor, and I’d expect Nikon to introduce a D4S with the updated sensor (and little else). This would lower the cost of the D4S, giving them a chance to either lower the price or increase their margins (or both).

  • Rob Jackson

    Why is the link for the ‘rumored 50 1.8′ a Canon lens? Is there a reputable source that claims both manufacturers are considering this aperture/FL?

  • Smith

    You may know about synthetic aperture radar, how about synthetic apperture cameras?

  • jozef

    very obvious, with their huge selection of lenses this could be way better choice than a7

  • ruubiict1987

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  • John

    being abusive is not a sign of knowledge or intelligence.

  • Nivla

    Sony Alpha is superb! Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R.
    Now poor Nikon is copying them.
    Canon too slowly! Sucks!

  • The Spawn

    A very keen observation. Totally agree with Tim

  • teila

    16mp was the “sweet spot” five years ago when we couldn’t hope for much else. I think a really fast raw shooting camera with 20-24mp, 10fps, and a huge buffer that will take at least 100 raw frames at 10fps, is the “sweet spot” because it offers nice print sizes, with speed; allowing a photographer to be more versatile with a single camera.

    I don’t want to use a 16mp camera to make fine art 30 x 40 prints. What I would like is a modular camera, where I can purchase a 50-60mp sensor unit and just “click” it into place when I feel like swapping out the 24mp sensor unit. I would gladly pay $8k for the higher resolution unit alone if that kind of capability was offered.

    MP makes a huge difference to a lot of photographers. Shooting landscapes or ocean scenics with a wide lens and 16mp dslr is pointless for many photographers who want to print large and capture a lot of detail in the photograph. 16mp doesn’t cut it.