Nikon Teases New Retro-Styled Full-Frame in Mysterious ‘Pure Photography’ Ad

Shortly after Sony announced the mirrorless a7 and a7R full-frames, rumors broke that Nikon had a new full-frame of its own coming in short order. As release dates and spec lists have begun to fly, anticipation has understandably grown; and now, Nikon is adding fuel to that fire by releasing a short teaser video for a “pure photography” camera.

The video doesn’t show the camera and is, as you might expect a teaser to be, quite mysterious. It gets its retro point across by letting you hear the camera instead. A set of loud clicks and a solid shutter sound that lend credence to the fact that this will harken back to the FM2 and F3 film cameras of old.

Originally, rumors had the retry-styled full-frame looking like the FM2. Now they're saying it looks more like the F3.
Originally, rumors had the retry-styled full-frame looking like the FM2. Now they’re saying it looks more like the F3.

Also, since we first reported on the camera, a bit of additional information has leaked out. In addition to the basic specs we filled you in on here, Nikon Rumors is reporting that this “pure photography” camera will have NO video capabilities, an EVF/OVF hybrid viewfinder, no AA filter and possibly a hybrid mechanical shutter.

The video briefly reveals the 50mm f/1.8G lens the new FX cam is rumored to be paired with, so that seems legit. And if NR’s pricing info is correct (this they tell you to take with a grain of salt) the camera — which may be called the D4H — will cost $3,000 for the body only and $3,300 with the 50mm lens… so much for hoping it would compete with the Sony offerings in terms of price.

We know not everyone is fond of rumors given the sometimes copious amounts of salt that must be ingested alongside them, but you won’t have to wait long for the teaser to turn into a real announcement. Although it seems the camera will NOT make an appearance at PhotoPlus, the expected announcement date is November 6th.

Image credits: Nikon F3 by Martintoy