Sigma DP Cameras Hacked to Play Nicely with Leica M Lenses


Sigma’s DP1, DP2, and DP3 cameras are known for the fact that they’re compact cameras with beastly APS-C Foveon sensors inside. With such novel sensor technology at their core, comparatively less is said about the f/2.8 lenses on the front of each camera.

Some folks over in China decided that they wanted the glass of the camera to be just as hardcore as the sensor within, so they figured out how to modify DP cameras to offer an Leica M mount, turning the bodies into interchangeable cameras (and proper mirrorless cameras).

Over in the Chinese marketplace website Taobao, a seller named Off-road Fox is selling these DP camera modifications.

Simply send your camera in to their shop, and they’ll have the fixed lens ripped off and replaced with a metal M mount for ¥1880 (~$303).

Here are some photographs of the modification process, published by the hack’s creator over on X3-club:





Here are some more photographs of the finished cameras with Leica lenses attached:






Here are a couple of sample photographs shot using a converted camera that shows off the resulting bokeh:



If you’d like to have your own DP camera converted, head on over to Taobao and see if you can put in an order (the whole site is in Chinese, so you’ll need a human translator or some online translation magic).

Sigma DPx Leica M Edition [Taobao via Mirrorless Rumors]

  • dannybuoy

    Leica lenses are due to increase on May 1st too. So get um while they’re hot (and less expensive)

  • aaa

    not sure if it’s worth the trouble. At least not for the merrill series. I doubt that the M lenses are sharp enough for the foveon sensor. Don’t take me wrong. M glass is great, but the dp merrill glas is made for that specific sensor

  • Zos Xavius

    Leica glass isn’t sharp enough? Man I want some of what you are smoking cuz I know its gotta be good. :p

  • Mak Wa

    Awesome, and they look pretty COOL.

  • Norshan Nusi

    It almost looks like the Hasselblad Lunar!

    But more beautiful.

  • Vsevolod Zhovtenko

    I second that, because test shots show that there is nothing to be desired more, those lenses on dp merrill series are perfect for that foveon sensor.

  • aaa

    apparently, you haven’t had a look into the dp merrill series and have no idea on the sharpness that this cameras produce in par with the lenses

  • Zos Xavius

    I have done a few comparisons with bayer sensor cameras. Yes, the sigma is sharper on the sensor. It also throws less resolution compared to a sensor with no AA filter. That’s my view on things. Also the sensor is only usable at near base iso. I would find this rather limiting to say the least. I just shot some people inside a bar. ISO 3200 was barely giving me a usable shutter speed with fast glass. With the sigma I would have no pictures. If you do nothing but landscapes off a tripod, then foveon might be good for you. I’ll pass myself, and note that I said nothing bad about their glass. The only thing thatt compares with leica is zeiss imo. Pentax and fuji both make some killer glass too, but leica is in a league of its own and I’m no leica fan, but I can’t help but respect the perfection that their glass represents.

  • Dog Photographer

    OMG! I was thinking about inventing something like this, and here it is. How funny!