Lyric-Lapse Music Video That Required 6 Hours of Work for Every 3 Seconds

Dream Music: Part 2 is an amazing stop-motion and time-lapse video by Marc Donahue and Sean Michael Williams that features a technique they call “lyric-lapsing”. Using still photos, they somehow planned the time-lapse sequences just right, so that the singer in the video is actually mouthing the words as he scurries around to various locations. They state that the video is a “musical voyage into the depths of the subconscious”, and that it was designed to “transport the viewer from their own reality into a world of dreams and at the end, […] awake to wonder how we were able to take them there.”

The magnitude of the effort is what’s truly impressive. The creators spent six months shooting the photos across two states. Every 3-4 seconds seen in the video required about 6-8 hours of work to create.

When watching the video, pay attention to the lyrics. Each scene holds symbol meaning based on the words being sung.

Here’s the first video the duo made half a year ago, featuring many ideas and techniques that the newer video built upon:

  • JP Zajackowski

    That is really amazing how they did the “lyric-lapsing”! I wonder if they have a trick for that, or if it’s just painstaking labor of love?

    I want that double bike btw!

  • Strumplefish

    Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer video did the same but better 25 years ago. Song didn’t sound like a Free Credit Report dot com advert either…

  • monteraz

    So what? The music makes me feel nothing, the photos makes me feel nothing, sorry. Just a gorgeous display of technique. My opinion.

  • Zzzz Topps

    I would have left this alone, but the video makers’ claim that I will wonder how they took me on this incredible journey is presumptuous and inaccurate. Another example of people using insanely complicated technique to say nothing. Nothing new. Nothing composed well. The biggest effort here was getting to the end.

  • bob cooley

    I’m enjoying seeing the haters comments to this post.

    To those commentors whose contributions here are merely semi-clever snarkiness – I ask you:

    What have YOU created lately that is worthy of mention?

    There is very little in the digital age that hasn’t already been done to some degree; but this is a very nice piece, a great bit of process-driven art and for what was probably a very low budget, much better in production quality than many of the music videos we see on a daily basis.

    It’s easy to criticize about someone else’s efforts. Feel free to create something better.

  • Kamo

    Awesome work and great creativity, I liked the music too.

  • Michael Mousr

    Hater is such a 12-year-old Disney Channel fan word

  • Coolit Bob

    This bizarre concept that America has foisted on the world that critique is only the product of jealousy or hatred is what makes mediocrity thrive these days. Say something positive if you want, but I’m not sure who elevated you to the mantle of stewardship of our comments. Your declaration that one has to produce better art than that they wish to express opinion on is truly odd indeed. Where on Earth do you get that from?

  • monteraz

    All right. Give me an email, I will send you some of my photos, you do the same, and then we call a third person to be the referee. Once he judges which one is better on art, I will give you my “semi-clever” reply (or not). Ok?

  • monteraz

    By the way, the time you spent in creating your stuff is never something that should be commented BEFORE you contemplate the piece. Who cares? The result is what matter. A painter doesnt states the time he took to made every brushstroke when is trying to sell the work. That would be ridiculous.

  • Bog Cooler

    Bob seems unable to reply. A bit like using the bathroom and leaving it for someone else to flush

  • John McGrath

    My god what is wrong with you people, This work is BRILL…Well done you guys…Class. John Ireland.

  • Margot

    What ever happened to that First Amendment Right that many use to define creativity and that it is “just how I feel ” ?

    Personally in my opinion, watching this was quite a lot of fun !

    As well as that I also think that those who created it did a phenomenal job ! Atlhough of course, that is also only, just my modest opinion, right ?