Combining Time-Lapse and Stop Motion to Create a Mind-Bending Music Video

We’ve seen some pretty creative music videos in the past, ranging from a microscopic time-lapse to what looked to be a Google Street View music video. The latest creative musical endeavor that has caught our eye is a video by the California group The Grouch & Eligh (or G&E for short).

Working together with Colorado-based DJ Pretty Lights, they put together a video that combines traditional time-lapse and hyper lapse with stop motion for a mind-bending ‘lyric lapse’ experience similar to what we saw in Marc Donahue and Sean Michael Williams’ Dream Music video.


Put together with help from production company Hubtuit and directed by Gus Winkelman and the inventor of the lyric-lapse Sean Michael Williams, this style of video tries to take the best of both worlds when it comes to time-lapse and stop motion. The movement of a time-lapse is combined with lip-synched lyrics and certain actions shot in stop motion.

Creating it was no easy feat though: “For every second of video we did 24 takes, each take being slightly different from the previous,” explain G&E. “It’s difficult to explain but basically, you have to see it!”

Check out the video at the top to see how the endeavor turned out, or head over to the production company and/or the directors’ websites by clicking on the corresponding links.

(via Gizmodo)