Images That Magically Appear Through Long Exposure Photos

Here’s amazing concept: use a seemingly random display of dots (like the static you see on a signal-less television set) to share photographs that only a camera can see. The International Federation of Photographic Art created this clever interactive video that asks you to grab your camera and follow the instructions. Set your aperture to f/5.6 and your shutter speed at 1s. Snap a photo of the screen filled with static, and prepare to be amazed!

P.S. If you don’t have a camera handy (or are extremely lazy), here’s a second video that reveals what happens.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Bob!

  • Rad

    I wish I hadnt seen the result so close to the real video, I wanted to try this but couldnt help looking down. You should put it elsewhere or further down the page.

  • Michael Zhang

    Ahh, sorry for spoiling it for you. Changed that second embed into a link instead

  • alb

    same here.

  • Wendy Teal

    I am lost. Is this real? 

  • Anna Bam Bam Milo

    can I ask, what software was used to make the whole video? As in putting it together with the static! Which I presume are images broken down into small chunks – with enough exposure the image is revealed? I’m learning so please bare with me!

  • Wendy Teal

    Now I get it. I thought I was supposed to do it to my own TV…..haha oops

  • Joseph Francis
  • TungyMooo

    Wow thats some pretty cool stuff dude. Really cool!

  • KaleoK


    Looking at the static with the naked eye, I could tell that it was a hand.

  • RandieLeanne

    quite interesting! fun concept!

  • Parise

    It works. Great.

  • Anna Bam Bam Milo


  • jackdiamond21

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  • Noxonomus

    So you didn’t see the gun or the eye or then?

  • jaga

    It’s like someones hand is coming out from the screen and then pointing a gun towards you. Am I right?