Snap Model Kit Lets You Build a Working 35mm Camera

Forget model airplanes… This Plamodel snap model kit is the one to buy if you’re a photo-enthusiast (or want to make your kid one). Created by Japanese design house superheadz, it uses simple snap-together parts that allow even the “not-so-mechanically inclined” to assemble their own 35mm camera. There’s 44 individual parts, and an instruction manual for building the camera is available online. You can check out some sample photos in this Flickr group pool, and buy one for $17 over on Amazon.

Plamodel Do-it-Yourself 35mm Camera (via PSFK)

  • Oliver Lea

    “takes rich, perfectly imperfect photos” Oh, I see. If you want to turn your kid into a hipster photographer. *sigh*

  • David

    how is the bokeh?

  • Rui

    I bought this some years ago (only for the pink zip bag it comes with) and shot a roll with it once. I never went back to it.

  • Sony is Minolta unfortch

    How are the magic mushrooms?