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This One-of-a-Kind Leica is Made Entirely Out of Plastic Bits You Snap Off a Poster



Forget gold plating and celebrity altruism — the rarest Leica camera of them all may be made entirely out of plastic.

The project started as a promotional idea for the official Leica store in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Wouldn’t it be cool, an advertising/design guy affiliated with the German camera giant thought, if we created a DIY camera kit disguised as a poster?

All you have to do is snap out the parts scale model-style from the plastic frame, put ’em together, and you’d have a groovy — albeit non-working — clone of a classic Leica rangefinder.

The posters were supposed to be a thank-you gift for customers buying any M camera and a celebration of Leica’s 100th anniversary in business. But production costs turned out to be prohibitive, and the project never went forward.

Marco Riberio got his hands on a prototype, however, and posted a video showing just enough of the assembly process and the end product to make a Leica fan’s “I want one!” gland start throbbing.

(via Leica Rumors and ISO1200)