Nikon Sues Sigma for $150 Million Over Vibration Reduction Technology

Things aren’t going very well for Sigma these days — just days after the world balked at the $9,700 price tag it’s attaching to the upcoming SD1 DSLR, Nikon is announcing that it’s suing Sigma for $150 million over the vibration reduction technology found in Sigma DSLR lenses. Furthermore, it’s demanding that Sigma put a halt to the manufacturing and sale of lenses that infringe on the VR patents, which might be a large number of OS (Optical Stabilization) lenses.

(via Nikon Rumors)

Image credit: Fighting Topis by Stuart Barr

  • Anonymous

    I like Sigma lenses, especially their 1.4 primes. I know they’ve gotten a lot of bad press about pricing etc but I hope for the industry’s sake that they come out of it okay. Right now they are helping to keep things a little competitive, at least when it comes to lenses.

  • Kadarpik

    CaNikon feels threatened definitely, photographers are not talking about new Nikons or Canons any more, too many Pentax, Sigma, Mamiya, Leica stories in last two years. True competition has begun and those two should start innovation now. ┬áCanon has very good lens base and very good journalist cameras but thats all – those cameras ar unfortunately average and more and more marketed to consumers

  • CaptSaltyJack

    What an incredibly dumb thing to say. Canon and Nikon really are about the same, it just boils down to user preference with regards to how it feels in the hands, and the user interface.