European Union AI Act

EU Negotiators Reach Agreement on World’s First AI Regulations

After lengthy negotiations, European Union officials have reached an agreement on the Artificial Intelligence Act, a set of comprehensive regulations surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) that could provide a blueprint for other nations and regions aiming to limit the dangers of AI.

US Drone Pilots Can Now Get Near-Real Time FAA Airspace Authorization

If you're a recreational drone user in the United States, there's cause to celebrate. Yesterday, the FAA announced that they have expanded their LAANC system to include recreational drone pilots, allowing users to get "near-real time" approval to fly in controlled airspace, as long as you stay below 400ft.

Drunk Droning is Now Illegal in Japan

If you're planning to do any drone photography in Japan, make sure you stay away from alcohol. The country has just outlawed drunk droning, making it an offense that's punishable by up to a year in prison.

Zion National Park Bans Tripods in Photo Workshops [Updated]

Update: The policy is reportedly less restrictive than the original report claimed. See update below.

Zion National Park has banned tripods in photography workshops. The newly unveiled regulations will affect commercial photographers visiting the popular photography area in Utah.

UK to Require Drone Registration and Safety Tests

UK drone pilots have enjoyed some of the most relaxed regulations around the popular pastime, but now the government has proposed new regulations that will require all owners of drones over 250 grams (~8.8oz) to register their quadcopters, attend safety courses, and pass a safety test.

Camera Drones May Soon Be Required to Have a Remote ID System

Ever since camera drones first became available to the average consumer, authorities across the world have had growing concerns about them. No-fly zones are being widely established, and regulations are becoming stricter to restrict when, where, and how the unmanned aircraft can fly. Now the FAA is looking into developing a system to identify drones from afar.

Colombia: A Pioneer in Drone Regulation… But in the Worst Way Possible

As a photographer, videographer, and drone hobbyist, I follow with great interest all the media attention drones have received lately. Unfortunately, drone news coverage here in my country, Colombia, has been skewed towards the negative, with stories of isolated incidents like the Connecticut "Gun-Drone" and the Mexican "Drug-Drone" making big splashes on every possible media outlet.

So I wasn’t surprised two weeks ago when our FAA equivalent, the Aeronáutica Civil, released a new iteration of its National Drone Regulation. I knew it wasn’t going to be good, what I didn’t anticipate is that it would be a collection of some of the most absurd, abusive, illogical laws I’ve ever seen.