PictureThis: The Best Plant Identifier Camera App

PictureThis is the most popular plant identifier app, and it works with the camera on your iPhone or Android phone. While the recognition of PictureThis isn't perfect, it generally proves to be remarkably accurate thanks to its well-trained AI.

13 Tips for Photographing Tiny Spring Flowers

Spring is around the corner and the little flowers start to pop up everywhere. This article focuses on how to photograph these little flowers with a macro lens.

A bug at the center of a flower

Take a Closer Look: How More and More Students Are Catching the Citizen Science Bug

Taxonomy was once the domain of white-coated scientists with years of university training. While this expertise is still important, everyday Australians are increasingly helping to identify species through citizen science apps. Rapid advances in smartphone and tablet cameras are helping to popularize this activity.

Macro Photos Reveal the Hidden Beauty of Seeds

Macro photography provides a window into details of the world that often escape (or are invisible to) the naked eye. Photographer Levon Biss used close-up photos to capture the incredible diversity of embryonic plant in his project The Hidden Beauty of Seeds and Fruits.

Photographer Compiling Huge Timelapse Library of Plant Life Cycles

Photographer and botanical expert Neil Bromhall has compiled a massive library of captivating timelapses over the course of the last several years. From watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon to the full blooming cycle of various flowers, Bromhall's ever-expanding library is insanely impressive.

You Can Grow Plants in Used Film Canisters

Houseplants and film photography have both seen renewed interest among younger people in recent years. Here's a neat way to combine these two loves: you can recycle used film canisters by turning them into tiny pots for plants.

Macro Photos Show the Strange Beauty of Bug-Eating Sundew Plants

Finnish fine art photographer Joni Niemelä loves capturing and sharing little details in nature that often get unnoticed. One of his recent subjects has been the Drosera, also known as sundews, which are among the largest of all carnivorous plants.

The plants are covered with drops of dew-like liquid that are used to lure, capture, and digest insects that happen to wander by, and Niemelä decided to make these beautiful structures the subject of two recent projects, titled Otherworldly Blues and Drosera.

Inexpensive ‘Infragram’ Camera Lets You Take a Peek at Photosynthesis

Public Lab, also known as the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science, is all about creating affordable, DIY versions of expensive scientific equipment. In the past, we covered Public Lab's work creating a balloon mapping toolkit that allowed anyone and everyone to take and add user-created weather balloon imagery to Google Earth's repertoire.

For their most recent project, they're bringing things a little closer to the ground. This time, the folks at Public Lab are photographing the secret internal life of plants using an extremely affordable near-infrared camera they've designed.

Photos Showing the Beauty and Diversity of Seeds, Created Using a Scanner

In addition to being passionate about image making, photographer Svjetlana Tepavcevic is also an avid collector of seeds. After finding and collecting a new specimen, Tepavcevic creates a highly-detailed high-resolution photo of the seed using an ordinary flatbed scanner. The resulting images form a project titled Means of Reproduction.