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39,000+ Photos Were Shot for This 3-Minute Timelapse of Flowers Blooming


Slovak photographer Majo Chudý has released a new timelapse short film of flowers blooming. A whopping 39,000 photos were shot over a year to capture the 1,276 hours that were condensed into the 3.5 minutes you see here.

After shooting all the photos, the files sat on Chudý storage for a long time before the coronavirus quarantine finally gave him enough time to finish the project. Of the 39,000 images he made, exactly 27,282 of them went into the final film.

“Most of the time it took more than 424 hours to bloom the purple orchid,” Chudý writes. “The fastest flower was Pheasant’s eye (Adonis vernalis), which managed it in one and a half hours. But it still consumed 996 photos.

“Much of the post-production work has led to the removal of small insects that crawled over the flowers during flowering.”

Chudý released a different time-lapse of flowers blooming two years ago. You can also find more of Chudý’s work on his website and Facebook.