This Japanese Smartphone Uses AI to Keep Users from Taking Nude Photos

Japanese company Tone Mobile has released a very... special... new smartphone. Aimed at parents who want to keep their kids from making bad choices, the TONE e20 has an AI-powered "Smartphone Protection" feature that prevents users from shooting or saving "inappropriate" photos (read: naked pictures).

IsItNude is a New Site That Can Figure Out if a Photo Contains Nudity

A new website,, has set out on a mission to help identify whether or not photographs contain nudity. California-based algorithm company, Algorithmia, designed the custom code for a client, but you can use the above link to test it out for yourself. If interested, you can even pay to use the system within your own application or website.

Instagram Clarifies Its Rules on Copyright and Nudity

Instagram updated its community guidelines today in order to give users a clearer picture of where the service stands on the issues of copyright and nudity. Policies themselves haven't changed, Instagram says, but the rules have been fleshed out and clarified in response to user questions and various incidents.

Google and Reddit Tighten Their Policies Regarding Explicit Photos

Two Internet heavyweights took big measures today to put restrictions on the sexually explicit photos and videos being shared through their services. Google is banning public adult content entirely on its Blogger platform, while Reddit is now requiring that all explicit photos be posted with the consent of their subjects.

The Only Person Who’s Naked in These ‘Nude Portraits’ is the Guy Behind the Camera

There's something to be said for thinking outside the box and turning an idea on its head, and that's exactly what photographer Trevor Christensen is doing with his hilarious and surprisingly thought-provoking series, Nude Portraits.

That's because there aren't actually any nude people in his portraits... the only person who's naked during the photo shoot is Christensen himself, who is busy capturing his subjects' reaction to his birthday suit.