Sunflower Farm Asks for No More Nude Photo Shoots on Their Land

Sunflower farm
Sam’s Sunflowers

A sunflower farm in the U.K. has urged people to stop the nude photo shoots that have been increasing in their fields.

Stoke Fruit Farm Shop on Hayling Island, off England’s south coast, made the unusual plea on social media after three nude shoots took place in just one day.

“We just want to remind people that we are a family attraction. We attract everyone from newborns all the way up to 100 years old,” the owners say in a Facebook post.

“We want people to come here, enjoy picking flowers and having fun with the family, taking photos, and enjoying things. I understand there’s a few people out there who want to take risque photos and photos for their Instagram profile et cetera.

“All I ask is that they’re considerate of the other people around them. So just think about who else is around you when you’re taking the photos in the sunflower field and think how that could affect them.”

The sunflower farm has erected signs around the colorful fields that read “No public nudity.”

“Reminder to all, we are a family area and please keep your clothes on in the sunflowers. We are having an increase of reports of naked photography taking place and this must not happen during our public sessions please!”

One person on their Facebook page commented: “Yes, we stumbled on a ‘session’ — I’m not a prude but I don’t expect to see almost naked bodies while searching for the best blooms.”

Another person reported that their son saw a woman wearing “just a thong.” Adding, “[He] got a right eyeful last night, should have seen his face!”

The owner of the farm Sam Wild tells CNN that since the sunflower field opened to the public at the end of July there have been about six incidents of people taking their clothes off.

“We’ve always had people take risque pictures but this is the first year it’s been a problem, which is why we’ve put signs up,” he says.

“We are a really free and happy farm but we just can’t have nudity in public view.”