How to Shoot and Retouch a Dynamic Cosmetics Ad in Photoshop

Highly stylized looks offer a great learning opportunity to the beginner or intermediate product photographer. When items are placed on a composite-heavy background, there are certain considerations we can make in-camera to avoid a headache in Photoshop.

When Contour Makeup Goes Too Far…

Here's a lighthearted 2-minute sketch by CollegeHumor's Hot Date series, titled "Contour Makeup Has Gone Too Far." It's about a woman who takes her contouring makeup too far to look perfect in Instagram photos... at the expense of looking normal in real life.

These Eerie Portraits Were Made with Makeup, Not Photoshop

Mimi Choi is an Vancouver-based artist who has attracted half a million followers on Instagram for her optical illusion photos. The portraits she posts may look like digital Photoshop creations, but they're not. Choi is a makeup artist who posts mind-bending photos made 100% in-camera thanks to her amazing talents with photo-realistic makeup.

Snapchat Accused of Stealing Make-Up Artists’ Work for Selfie Filters

A photo posted by mykie (@mykie_) on Apr 28, 2016 at 2:58am PDT

Snapchat's selfie filters have turned into something of a phenomenon—whether you want to become a koala or puke a rainbow, they have you covered. But the popular ephemeral photo sharing and messaging app is in a spot of trouble over those filters this week.

From Film to Makeup: The Creative Shift that Helped Save Fujifilm

10 years ago, Fujifilm did something... strange. They started making cosmetics. But looking back now, not only does the decision make total scientific sense for a film company, it may have been one of the major reasons Fujifilm was able to survive the digital revolution.

Photo Book Takes On the Media’s Abuse of Make Up and Photoshop with Portraits that Need Neither

Photographer Jack Salzke is on a mission. By drawing on years of experience in the fashion and modeling world, Salzke wants to show the world that, while Photoshop and extreme make-up is an issue in the industry, it’s not as prevalent as the media makes it out to be.

He wants to show the world that the models being used for this sort of imagery are often just as beautiful without the makeup as they are with it, and he's planning to show this beauty off in a 100-photo book of real models, photographed without any makeup or Photoshop.

Powerful Photos Illustrate the Real Damage Done by Verbal Abuse

Author note: The images in this post contain graphic language.

Most photographs, they say, are worth a thousand words, but these portraits by photographer Rich Johnson each tell the tale of only one word. It's a word that, in the worst kind of way, can be more powerful than a thousand others.