Artists Face Off in New Reality Series: ‘The Concept Challenge’

Portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler has started a new reality competition series called The Concept Challenge. In each episode, two talented artists are given a concept that they must complete before time runs out.

While Adler says that the series will feature a wide range of possible artists, the first two episodes of the series pit makeup artists against each other. In the first episode above, Adler asks two makeup artists – Yvonne MacInnis and Lijha Stewart – to do their own take on the theme “pearls.” The two artists then were allowed to do whatever they wanted with the theme but were only given one hour to complete the challenge.

The two looks each artist chose to go with differed dramatically:

Most of the video is spent showing what each of the makeup artists chose to make with the theme, but the end of the video features Adler explaining her lighting setups for how she chose to photograph the two models.

The second episode took a bit of a spooky turn, with the same artists challenged with the theme of “glamour ghouls,” and again the two artists created very different looks:

A “winner” is chosen by the comments section after each episode, but Adler explained to PetaPixel that the series was less about picking a winner between the two makeup artists and more about showing how a theme could be interpreted very differently depending on perspective.

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Image credits: Lindsay Adler and used with permission.