NFL QB Turns Away After Photog Falls, Breaks Back at Super Bowl Parade

NFL star quarterback Matthew Stafford is being slammed on social media for his reaction to seeing a photographer fall off a high stage during the Los Angeles Rams' Super Bowl victory parade and rally. The woman broke her back and her camera equipment.

72-Year-Old Woman Gored by Bison in Yellowstone While Taking Pictures

A 72-year-old woman was gored several times by a wild bison in Yellowstone National Park last week after she allegedly got within 10 feet of the animal "multiple times" in order to take its picture. The incident is under investigation, but the park is taking this opportunity to remind campers to always keep a safe distance when photographing wildlife.

Georgia Court Revives Lawsuit by Real Estate Photographer Who Was Shot by Homeowner

In 2018, we shared the story of real estate photographer Whitney Morris, who was shot by a surprised homeowner while taking pictures of her house. Morris sued the homeowner and her real-estate agency and lost by summary judgement. Now, the Georgia appeals court has ruled that the original trial court erred, giving Morris another chance to plead his case.

Friends Sue Groom After His Drone Hit Them in the Face During Reception

A groom is in hot water with his new bride, a couple of former friends, and the law after his drone smacked his friends in the face during the reception. One friend claims the drone broke her nose and orbital bone, the other says she needed 20 stitches in a gash on her head, both suffered concussions.

Drone Falls Out of the Sky… and Onto a Woman’s Head

A woman at a public event in Beloeil, Quebec, was injured earlier this month when a DJI Phantom 3 camera drone dropped out of the sky and smashed directly into her head. The incident was caught on camera by another drone in the sky and can be seen in the 8 second video above.

LeBron James Hits Head on Baseline Camera Lens

One of the fixtures of NBA games is the row of photographers and cameraman sitting under the hoop near the baseline -- something the players have complained about for years. That debate was reignited during Game 4 of the NBA Finals last night when LeBron fell into the row of cameras and slammed his head straight into the lens of a heavy broadcast camera.

Enrique Iglesias Grabs Camera Drone During Concert, Slices Fingers

Camera drones can be dangerous if not handled properly. Singer Enrique Iglesias found that out the hard way yesterday during a 12,000-fan concert in Tijuana, Mexico. During one song, Iglesias decided to reach up and grab hold of a camera drone hovering above him in order to give the fans a live point-of-view shot. Things didn't go as planned.

These Portraits of Wounded Veterans Remind Us of the High Price They Paid

Warning: This post contains photos of injured veterans that are difficult to view.

"The Unknown Soldier" is a powerful portrait project by photographer David Jay, who spent three years visiting and photographing wounded veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The images are difficult to view, but they capture the high cost that was paid by those serving our nation.

How Arranging a Sparkler Exit Almost Cost Me My Career As A Wedding Photographer

Warning: This post contains graphic photos and descriptions of a serious injury.

As a wedding photographer, there are so many different parts of the day we temporarily pause in being a photographer and magically transform into a seamstress, a planner, a mediator, a therapist and any number of other jobs. We are the only vendor outside of videographers who are with our clients all day.

It’s one of the parts of my career that I love -- no wedding day is ever the same and I get “re-charged” from the people families I meet. Because of this, I've always (in the past) considered myself more then a “photographer,” but rather someone who's there to help in any way I can (while still doing my jobs) should the need arise.

This is Why Photographers Should Stay Off the Track at a Horse Race

During a horse race, the track itself probably isn't the place you should be wandering in order to snap the perfect action shot. Even if racers do tend to stay toward the inside of the track, things don't always go as expected. A photographer in Finland learned this lesson the hard way this past week.

Photojournalist James Nachtwey Shot in the Leg Covering Thai Protests

While covering the pre-election violence in the Thai capital of Bangkok, renowned photojournalist James Nachtwey was shot in the leg, reports the Wall Street Journal. Fortunately, according to a report in TIME, it seems the photog wasn't badly injured and returned to work soon after being shot.