The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review for Photographers

Like the majestic Canada Goose, I escaped a particularly brutal winter by flying south. As temperatures back home plummeted to a balmy -40 degrees, my plane landed in San Jose, California. San Jose is the West Coast convention center capital of the tech world, and Samsung was there for the brand new Galaxy S24 series of smartphones.

The Roller Coaster Ride of Creatives

When I speak to artistic photographers, those who are truly passionate about their work, I often begin by talking about the roller-coaster ride of all creatives. I say that on a roller coaster, the highs are high and the lows are low, but that roller-coaster ride is much more interesting than being on a merry-go-round.

Why Artists are Never Happy: A Candid Message for Creatives

Whether you're a photographer, a filmmaker, a YouTuber, or a painter, this latest video by Kaiwan Shaban will probably hit home on some level. It's an honest, candid message for artists of all stripes who struggle with the fact that they are never quite satisfied with the work they are creating.

Photographers Will Relate to This Filmmaker’s Thoughts on Depression

Don't let the Photoshopped facades fool you, creatives of all stripes deal with depression. That's the topic of this short-but-important video by Rob of Rob & Jonas' Filmmaking Tips. Rob is a filmmaker, but many photographers will instantly relate to the thoughts he shares in this video.

Comic: You’re Doing it for the Exposure

Warning: This comic contains some explicit language.

Cartoonist Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal struck a chord with photographers and other creatives a couple of days ago by published a new comic titled "You're Doing it for the Exposure."

Video: A Must-Watch Commencement Speech for Creatives at Every Stage in Their Journey

Neil Gaiman is an author, a writer whose work you have probably read at some point or another, but the advice he offers in this 20-minute commencement address is as applicable to photographers as it is to any other creative who is embarking on (or currently in the middle of living) a life whose goal might be best summed up by the phrase 'make good art.'

OKDOTHIS Leaps Into 2.0 With Updated UI, Better Discovery Features and More

Last November, photographer Jeremy Cowart revealed OKDOTHIS, a two-and-a-half year collaboration between himself and the development team at Aloompa to create an app that inspired creatives to be... well... more creative.

And now, in the name of continuing to keep the creative community on their toes, OKDOTHIS has announced a 2.0 revamp of what is essentially its entire platform. The app, website and overall structure of the platform is much more streamlined now, featuring a more unified and easy-to-use design across the board.

Clients From Hell: A Collection of Client Horror Stories

We've all been there. Anybody who has ever done any work in the creative industry has had to deal with clients who have no understanding of basic business practices, or photography, or a little thing called payment. The above video was put together by the website Clients From Hell, where creatives can go and upload their most entertaining horror stories anonymously.

It's worth noting that the video is from the perspective of a graphic designer (as are many of the stories on the website) but many a photographer has dealt with similar problems.