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OKDOTHIS Leaps Into 2.0 With Updated UI, Better Discovery Features and More



Last November, photographer Jeremy Cowart revealed OKDOTHIS, a two-and-a-half year collaboration between himself and the development team at Aloompa to create an app that inspired creatives to be… well… more creative.

And now, in the name of continuing to keep the creative community on their toes, OKDOTHIS has announced a 2.0 revamp of what is essentially its entire platform. The app, website and overall structure of the platform is much more streamlined now, featuring a more unified and easy-to-use design across the board.

When OKDOTHIS first came out, it established itself as a hybrid of a social network and source of inspiration, and this unique combination quickly amassed a cult-like following from many creatives. Have creative block? OKDOTHIS. Bored and need a photo idea? OKDOTHIS. You get the picture… and the pun.


The new release nurtures this already vibrant community by offering them a better platform and implementing many of the changes and fixes they’ve been asking for.

By adding a better curated Discover page, DO of the Day, a Trending Feed and a completely revamped search system, the exploration options are as vast as the type of creatives using the apps. It is, as Cowart puts it, “a community that encourages growth and inspires us all to DO more,” and this update simply makes that community more accessible, searchable and usable.


On top of the updated discovery setup, more editing tools are being added to the mix. Gone are the days of only sharing 1×1 ratio photos. OKDOTHIS now supports 7 different ratios, from 4×5 to 2×3. Also included in the update is a better tool for more precise “granular tone editing” controls. These include your standard editing features such as contrast, saturation, sharpness, grain, etc.

It seems to be a solid update to an already strong app and community. Whether a current user of the platform or someone looking to jump in for the first time, we’d encourage you to OKDO it. Head on over and give it a download in the iOS App Store for the whopping price of “on the house.”