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Clients From Hell: A Collection of Client Horror Stories

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We’ve all been there. Anybody who has ever done any work in the creative industry has had to deal with clients who have no understanding of basic business practices, or photography, or a little thing called payment. The above video was put together by the website Clients From Hell, where creatives can go and upload their most entertaining horror stories anonymously.

It’s worth noting that the video is from the perspective of a graphic designer (as are many of the stories on the website) but many a photographer has dealt with similar problems.

Here’s an example of the kinds of ridiculous-ness you’ll find on the site:

After doing some work for a corporation, their payment was overdue and I was forced to come to their office tower downtown. After signing some paperwork in reception on the 27th floor…

CLIENT: Bring this to our accountant on the 34th floor and they will give you your money.

ME: Got it.

CLIENT: Do you know where the 34th floor is?

I point up.

CLIENT: That’s right. Do you you know how to get there?

ME: The elevator?

CLIENT: I was thinking the stairs, but –

He looks at the other person working at reception, who nods.

CLIENT: Yes, that will also work.

If you need a pick-me-up, want to read more, or if you already have a few horror stories of your own you want to upload, head over to their website and represent for all of the photographers out there.

Clients From Hell (via ISO1200)

1 Comment