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Filmmaker’s Q&A Answer is How Every Creative Should Respond to Criticism


In this short Q&A exchange, filmmaker Kevin Smith delivers an important message to all creative people—be they photographers, filmmakers, writers, or anything else. The message is this: create work for yourself, not everyone else. (Warning: Video contains some NSFW language).

It may seem simple, it may even seem counter intuitive to some, but it’s this approach to his art that allows Smith to hear some harsh criticism of his latest film from a fan and not take it personally. In fact, he responds with respect, and rather than getting defensive and invalidating the fan’s opinion, he explains his philosophy.

“Each time I go up to bat, I do the exact same thing: I make the movie that I want to see,” says Smith, after defending the commenter from some of his other fans. “Sometimes, you wanna see it too, and then sometimes you don’t wanna see it… this is one of those cases. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be made.”

He goes on to elaborate further, and we definitely recommend watching his full response. In the world of online photo sharing, it’s perhaps never been more difficult to be a creative; never more difficult to put your work out there and brace yourself for the response. But if you approach all of your photography the way Smith approaches his art, you may just keep your sanity intact and create work you (and many others) love.

(via YouTube via Fstoppers)

Image credits: Feature image by Gage Skidmore.