Nikon flagship retail stores in China

A Look Inside Nikon’s Gorgeously Designed Flagship Stores in China

While dedicated retail centers and shopping malls may be on the decline throughout much of the United States, China is experiencing a shopping mall boom, per the South China Morning Post. Nikon is capitalizing on the surge with three beautiful flagship retail stores in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu.

A Guide to Third-Party Chinese Lens Brands

Lenses are big business: while we have seen the value of camera shipments nose-dive year-on-year, lens value has slowly increased and is now equal to about a third of the camera market. It's for this reason that third-party manufacturers have increased their stake in this market and particularly at the low-cost end where Chinese manufacturers proliferate. Who are these companies and what does their appearance presage in terms of the camera market as a whole?