Wondershare’s Video Editor Filmora Gets Powerful AI Upgrades

A split-screen image shows two video scenes. On the left, a woman with long hair sits in front of a laptop with playful stickers like "OMG!" and a disc player. On the right, a bearded man uses a professional microphone with a soundwave graphic and a chat bubble.

Wondershare’s Filmora is a handy video editor powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and it just got a big upgrade.

Full disclosure: This sponsored article is brought to you by Wondershare .

The latest version of Filmora, 13.5, brings a host of updates that all make video editing far more efficient and easy. By taking advantage of the rapid progress of AI technology, Wondershare offers a very useful video editing solution, especially for those on a budget for these features.

Filmora even offers a free trial, which is a fantastic option for curious users looking to experiment with the software. The software offers incredible value for a video editor packed with AI technology.

Now, that deal is even better with the additions that version 13.5 brings. Specifically, these updates make adding voiceovers a breeze, automate the tedious parts of editing, and give users more creative control.

Text-to-Speech: Voice Cloning

A significant upgrade in Filmora version 13.5 is the enhanced text-to-speech technology, which now includes the exciting addition of Voice Cloning. This advanced feature allows users to convert text into natural-sounding voiceovers with a single click, supporting an impressive 28 languages. It can also convert SRT files, typically used for subtitles, into 40 different preset voices. Users have the ability to customize these voices, ensuring the perfect narration for their videos. Filmora’s state-of-the-art accuracy is a major time-saver, streamlining the editing process and making it easier to create engaging videos.

Voice Cloning, as part of the text-to-speech functions, can turn personal voice recordings into effortless audio dubbing. By incorporating Azure OpenAI’s model capabilities, it clones a voice with just a 30-second audio recording. This is especially useful for bloggers and creatives who frequently use voiceovers from a script, significantly saving time in the video editing process. Voice Cloning currently supports 16 languages, whereas competitors like CapCut only offer this feature in English and Chinese.

A man with a beard and wearing a green sweater sits in front of a microphone while using Wondershare Filmora's AI Voice Cloning feature. The interface shows options for voice selection and language. The background is dark with the Wondershare Filmora logo on the left.

Further, Wondershare makes privacy and ethics a top priority. The company has stated: “Wondershare ensures that all AI-driven features are designed with user privacy and ethical standards in mind. Robust filtering mechanisms and supervision processes are in place to protect users’ personal data and prevent misuse of voice information.”

First-time users also get their first voice cloning use for free, making it incredibly easy to try out this revolutionary tool.

Corner Pin

Using AI, users can transform an object by adjusting its corner points. Doing so allows for perspective distortion, which can create a pseudo-3D spatial effect.

It’s a great way to use AI to bring video editing to the next level without having to spend resources on numerous props.

Curved Text

Previously, users could only display text horizontally or vertically. But with Filmora version 13.5, there are now new transformation options that allow text to bend and curve, presenting more dynamic results. There are template shapes users can choose from which can then be further customized. The addition gives creators an easy way to make their designs stand out without adding more time and effort to the editing process.

A promotional image for Wondershare Filmora showcasing the software's "Curved Text" feature. The screen displays a video editing interface with a coffee-themed logo containing curved text on the right. The left side features the Wondershare Filmora logo and text.

AI Sticker Generator

The new AI Sticker Generator module adds far more options for anyone incorporating sticker motifs into their work. While Filmora already boasts a large sticker library, the ability to create new designs from simple text prompts allows for virtually limitless possibilities.

A Wondershare Filmora promotional image for the AI Sticker Generator tool. It features an editing interface with a photo of a woman, various stickers like "OMG!" and a laughing emoji, and an “AI” icon. The background is dark with colorful highlights.


One of the most monotonous aspects of editing is applying the same transition effects repeatedly throughout a video. This is remedied in Filmora version 13.5 as the update allows users to apply batch transition edits all at once, making the entire process far more efficient.

Commercial Use Screening

As incredible as these AI upgrades are, they mean very little if users can’t actually take advantage of them. However, Wondershare makes things possible for users by providing even more resources for commercial use in its latest update. Further, the video editing software now offers more comprehensive commercial information manuals so users can feel more empowered by the AI enhancements.

Full disclosure: This sponsored article is brought to you by Wondershare.