The Best Photos from GuruShots’ ‘Impactful Portraits’ Challenge

GuruShots, the "World's Greatest Photo Game," has announced the winners of its "Impactful Portraits" challenge, which received thousands of entries and over 42.3 million votes. The "Top Photographer" winner of the contest is Luís Ribeiro of Portugal (whose photo is seen above).

Picfair Becomes Fastest Growing Photography Platform & Launches New Educational Content Hub

Are you on Picfair yet? You should be. It has become the fastest growing photography platform in the world, growing from 100,000 to 400,000 photographers in the past year alone. Many are making the switch to Picfair for its industry-low 20% commission, which was even reduced to 0% during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic -- an industry first.

How Pre-Owned Gear Can Save You Money This Holiday

The results may be rewarding, but buying photo and video gear is anything but cheap. Cameras, lenses, drones, and even tripods often cost a pretty penny, and the more creators advance in their careers, the more equipment they need. That’s why gear tops most creators’ holiday wish lists.

Fotomat: The New Browser-Based Tool for Building Visual Websites

Fotomat is the new browser-based tool for building visual websites, built by the makers of Viewbook, a photo-sharing platform and portfolio website builder for professionals that was founded in 2009. With over a decade of experience in developing, tons of user feedback, and know-how of what works best and what does not work in the world of visual websites, the makers of Viewbook are back to gladly introduce to you: Fotomat.

Why Do Over 400,000 Photographers Use Picfair to Sell Their Images?

Picfair is a fascinating platform. Backed by several high profile investors including Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, it started out as a fair trade photography marketplace, created in response to the extortionately high cut that traditional agencies like Getty and Shutterstock take from photographers.

Get this $35 AI Photo Editor for Free and Stop Wasting Time on Manual Processing

We live such hectic lives that there’s hardly ever any time to stop and appreciate the beauty around us (let alone take a picture of it). Even if you do manage to carve out a little photography time, even the simplest editing offers new challenges to overcome. All the tools, masks, layers, filters — not everyone has time for that.

International Dance Photography Conference Set for Jan. 31-Feb. 2 in Phoenix

I started my photography business in 2009 as a dance photographer. At the time I felt like I had to work my way into the industry blindly. There were plenty of resources to learn how to become a wedding photographer or a senior portrait photographer, or even photographing newborns or family portraits. But there was nothing on dance photography.

Creating Your Own Photo Store Isn’t Hard: Here Are 7 Top Stores Made with Picfair Plus

Have you always wanted your own online photography store but found it to be too expensive, time-consuming, or difficult to set up and maintain? Picfair Plus could be the solution. Priced at around 2 cups of coffee a month ($6.99/€5.99/£4.99) it’s 65% cheaper than similar offerings from Zenfolio and Photoshelter - and it’s even cheaper if you pay annually.

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Cameras

Our cameras are probably one of the most important digital devices that we own. Apart from smartphones, a lot of people use digital cameras to click better photos on the go. Sadly, just like any other electronic item, it can also malfunction at times. Our photos are our prized possessions and losing them can be our biggest nightmare. If you have also lost your important photos from a digital camera, then use a dedicated data recovery tool.

Automatic Vintage Lens II: A Harmonious Blend of Luxury Timepiece and Vintage Camera

This isn’t the first time Japanese watchmakers, TACS, have launched a camera-inspired timepiece. Last year, they released the Automatic Vintage Lens II (AVL II), which proved to be their best seller. Now, this stunning timepiece is being released with a new variant that photography buffs will love -- and it’s going to be available just in time for Father’s Day!

Picfair: The All-In-One Solution for Selling Your Photography

Online options for selling your photography are complex, unfair, and disconnected. Marketplaces can give you exposure, but most of the larger names (if they let you in) make you sacrifice pricing control, rights options, and most of your royalties -- the vast majority of the money your images generate go to them, not you.

Can JPEGs Be Improved to RAW Quality?

Over the years, I have come across this question often: “Can a JPEG image be enhanced to a RAW image quality?” I understand where this question comes from. Photographers are taught to “shoot in RAW” from day one. These days, so many images are only in JPEG format, from phone photos to stock photos, to those priceless old pictures. It would be really nice if we could enhance them to RAW image quality so they could fit into today’s photographer’s RAW image editing workflow!

Human vs Machine: Can This AI Retouch Photos Better Than You?

Artificial intelligence is no longer a new concept in photography. Complex algorithms allow machines to choose auto contrast and exposure settings in all modern editing software. They're getting better all the time. What I haven't seen before however, is a tool that successfully automates face retouching. Until now, that is.

5DayDeal’s $2,500+ Photo Bundle for $89 Will Be Gone Forever Tomorrow!

An exclusive photography bundle worth $2,500 has been available for photographers for just $89 since October 11th. The bundle is filled with resources contributed by top names in photography. Each year, it’s highly-anticipated by photographers worldwide, but it only lasts 5 days and on October 16, 2018, at noon PDT, it will be gone forever!

Deal Alert: Get 30% Off These Neewer Photo Products

Here's a deal alert that's exclusive to PetaPixel readers: you can currently receive an extra 30% off a number of Neewer photography products on Amazon using special discount codes.

A New Bag from Peak Design – A Travel Bag!

Check out the new Kickstarter that just launched today! That team at Peak Design doesn’t sleep. This time they’re going for something even bigger, both in size and scope. Their foray into the competitive “travel bag” space is bulwarked by a wealth of experience in making all sorts of bags, especially those designed for photographers.

KelbyOne Launches New $10 a Month Subscription Plan with 300+ Online Photography Courses

Steve Brazill of This Week in Photography called KelbyOne’s photography education “the standard by which all online training is judged.” Tens of thousands of dedicated members in over 120 countries around the world would certainly agree with Steve, but until now KelbyOne’s Pro Plan has been a little pricey for some. Well, that all changed as KelbyOne just officially launched their new KelbyOne Plus Plan, which includes access to 300+ of their most popular online courses on Photoshop, Lightroom, and photography for just $9.99 a month.

How to Optimize Images for Your Online Portfolio

As a photographer, designer or artist, your professional ethics could be wrapped into one line: work hard, (dis)play hard. You dedicate a lot of time to the creation of beautiful and meaningful images. And as you should, you want them to be showcased in the most professional way possible. This is especially the case when designing your online portfolio, the equivalent of your persona on the web that will help you grow a community and attract more clients.

The Photography Industry is Changing: Tips From the Pros on How to Succeed

Photographers know that in this industry, technology, tastes, and trends change on a near-daily basis. This means a constant evolution in the way they work, create, and run their businesses. Zenfolio moderated a lively discussion between 6 industry powerhouses to discuss the changes they see coming, and how they manage to find financial, personal, and business success in a volatile creative field. Read on to see how you can make a profit, secure your business, and find happiness as a professional photographer.

5 SEO Pro Tips for Your Photo Website

Whether you’re just starting your photography career or have years of experience, being found in search engines is critical to accomplishing your goals. In this post, we'll be sharing 5 helpful SEO tips that can help your photography website place well in search engines.

An Interview with Urban Koi

Urban Koi is an artist based in New York and over the years she has been working as a Director, Writer, and of course, Photographer. Enticed by the mystery and hidden wistfulness in urban life, she can be found with a camera in hand, capturing quiet, ephemeral moments, and documenting her adventures around the world.

10 of the Most Beautiful Photography Templates: What Sets Them Apart?

The visual nature of the Internet makes it the ideal format for getting a photography portfolio in front of a wide audience. The problem that many photographers face, though, is finding a template that is eye-catching and easy to work with.

3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Photography Workstation

Want to upgrade your photography workstation? You can do so in 3 easy steps. Simply (1) create a 21:9 photograph, (2) upload that photo to your social networking page, and (3) visit this competition website and get a new creator workstation worth $10,000.

Photo Contest: Giving Away 10 Portfolio Upgrades on 500px

500px is sponsoring us for the next week and a half to promote its new Portfolios, which we covered back in early April. As part of the partnership, we're running a photo contest for the next 10 days in which 10 people will have their accounts upgraded to the new portfolio system.