Wondershare Filmora 13 Features Many AI Tools for Video Creators

Filmora 13

Wondershare has announced Filmora 13, the newest version of the company’s AI-powered video editing suite.

Among the key new features is text-based editing. Filmora 13 uses AI to create a transcript from a video, enabling the user to edit their video by adjusting the transcript. “It’s as simple as editing a text document,” promises Wondershare.

AI also underpins improvements to existing features in Filmora, including concerning the video editor’s masking tools and capabilities. AI masking helps the user create a mask around the subject or a specific in their video, allowing for precise cut-outs and local editing.

Filmora 13 promises to improve audio editing as well. A new “AI vocal remover” tool allows users to separate vocals from background music using AI.

Filmora 13

Filmora is designed with content creators in mind, so many of its tools — and templates — are built to help creators make a solid first impression. On many platforms, like YouTube, video thumbnails are an essential way for creators to connect with their audience and attract attention. Filmora 13 can help people build better thumbnails using AI. The app picks a frame and suggests edits to make the thumbnail pop. Plus, there are many thumbnail presets to choose from.

In the spirit of helping content creators, including those without a rich background in video editing, AI also shows up in Filmora 13 as the new AI Copilot. It is basically an AI tool that editors can use to achieve specific tasks. For example, if someone needs help creating a transition, they can tell that to the AI Copilot, and the app’s AI will assist the user in locating and using the tools to create the desired transition.

AI can even generate video itself with the new AI Text to Video feature. Users can write a text prompt about what they want for video content, and the app will generate it using stock assets and editing tools. Filmora 13 can also use AI to generate new music based on specific moods the user selects.

Filmora 13

Additional AI-based editing tools in Filmora 13 include AI Audio Denoise, AI Audio Stretch, Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, AI Portrait, AI Painting, AI Image-to-Video Effects, AI Animated Titles, AI Smart Masking, AI Smart Cutout, and AI Copywriting.

A complete breakdown of Filmora 13’s features, including its new templates, is available on Filmora 13’s website. Users can also download a free trial to try the app for themselves.

Filmora 13

Pricing and Availability

Filmora 13 is available on macOS and Windows as part of a subscription. There is also a smartphone version of the app. Filmora 13 is available in quarterly, annual, and “lifetime” plans.

The perpetual lifetime option only includes updates to Filmora 13, whereas the quarterly and yearly plans will include major product releases for as long as the user is subscribed. Subscriptions start at $30 per quarter or $50 per year, and the perpetual plan for Filmora 13 is $80.

Image credits: Wondershare