The Godox Lux Cadet Retro Flash Offers Vintage Style for Under $100

Lux Cadet

Godox’s new Lux Cadet Retro Camera Flash embraces old-school style, following up on last year’s Lux Junior and Senior on-camera flashes.

The Godox Lux Cadet has a guide number of 32.8 feet (10 meters) at ISO 100 (28mm coverage) and incorporates a non-swiveling flash head. As for color performance, the Lux Cadet’s color temperature is 6,200K (+/- 300K). The flash recycles in about 2.5 seconds at full power, and its integrated rechargeable battery promises about 620 flash strobes at max brightness.

As for exposure control, the Lux Cadet has automatic and manual modes, although it does not include TTL metering. The power ranges from 1/1 to 1/64, offering seven different power levels. The flash can sync via hot shoe or using an included sync cable.

Where the Lux Cadet promises to shine is with its incredible style and design. The compact flash weighs just six ounces (171 grams) and is only 3.7 inches (9.4 centimeters) tall. It includes a mode switch, an old-school power and distance dial, and a beautiful retro-styled case. The USB-C charging port is one of the few reminders that the Lux Cadet is from 2023, not the mid-20th century.

Lux Cadet

A clever feature of the Lux Cadet is its retractable petal-shaped reflector. Photographers can tuck the reflector away using a sliding button on the side of the flash.

Lux Cadet

The Lux Cadet is suitable for digital cameras, like the retro-styled new Nikon Zf, or truly old-school film cameras. What’s old is new again, and vintage is hip. The affordable Godox Lux Cadet promises vintage style alongside modern conveniences and performance.

Pricing and Availability

Regarding size and price, the Lux Cadet slots between the Lux Junior and Lux Senior. The Junior is currently on sale for $20 off, bringing its price down to $59. The Lux Senior is available for $99, down from its typical cost of $119. As for the new Cadet, it is $94.

Lux Cadet
Clockwise from the top left: Godox Lux Cadet, Lux Senior, Lux Junior, and Lux Cadet.

So far, the Lux Cadet has only been shown in black and silver, unlike the Junior and Senior flashes which are sold in a variety of colors, such as dark green, mint green, pink, red, and white. It is worth noting that the “color edition” of the prior Lux retro flashes came following their initial launch.

Please note that the links above are for Adorama, meaning that the Godox Lux retro flashes are sold under Adorama’s in-house Flashpoint brand. At other retailers, the Lux products are sold with Godox branding.

Image credits: Godox