Godox Joins the Portable LED Fray with its New $199 ML100 Bi Light

A modern white digital camera labeled "ML100" with a large lens is positioned on a rocky surface, partially illuminated by sunlight. The background consists of uneven, natural rock formations.

Godox announced a new portable continuous LED, the ML100 Bi. The bi-color light has an adjustable color temperature ranging from 2,800 to 6,500K, and Godox promises high output when used with the included reflector.

While positioned by Godox itself as a solution for videographers on the go, continuous lights can also work for photographers, even if strobes are the more common choice. The idea of a small, lightweight, continuous light is popular these days, with many companies selling spins on the same idea. Just a couple of weeks ago, PetaPixel reviewed the Hobolite Iris, a pocket-sized light smaller and weaker than the new Godox ML100 Bi.

In the case of the ML100 Bi, it promises a high CRI of over 97 and a TLCI above 98 — which are impressive benchmarks that ensure the light is color consistent. When used with the included lens reflector (ML-L15), the ML100 Bi can deliver 34,300 lux of output power at one meter (3.3 feet). It accepts a maximum input power of 120 watts, whether via a wall outlet or external power supply, like a USB-C power bank. It also accepts V-mount batteries using an optional accessory kit.

While the flexibility of power input is excellent and makes the ML100 Bi a versatile choice. Unfortunately, the same flexibility doesn’t apply to light modifiers, at least not without optional adapters. The ML100 Bi sports a proprietary Godox mount, which works with numerous Godox-branded light modifiers and accessories, but it will work with Bowens mount modifiers when using an optional adapter. Godox’s modifiers include a collapsible lantern softbox, octagon softbox, and projection attachment.

Among the ML100 Bi’s greatest strengths is its diminutive size. It is 122 by 110 by 46 millimeters (4.8 by 4.3 by 1.8 inches) and weighs just 487 grams (17 ounces). While it includes some onboard controls and a small status screen, the portable LED can also be controlled via a connected smartphone app over Bluetooth. The Godox Light app enables users to adjust the color temperature and intensity remotely.

A person wearing a brown apron is holding a compact white device with a circular component and text on it. The device is partially tucked into the apron pocket. The background is blurred, focusing on the device and hand.

The Godox ML100 Bi is available to preorder now for $199.

For photographers looking for a more traditional light solution, like a strobe, Godox has plenty of those too, including the Godox V1 Pro Flash and a cute little Lux Elf Retro Flash. The company also makes many studio-oriented strobes.

Image credits: Godox