The Flash as a Self-Defense Weapon

Back in the 1970s, I would occasionally go bar hopping in South Tucson. Although it wasn't a particularly rough neighborhood, there was always the potential bad guy.

Speedlights vs Studio Strobes: Which is Better and Why?

As beginner's guides go, this is one of the best we've stumbled across. In 10 minutes, Joe Edelman does a fantastic job comparing the standard speedlight to the standard monolight or "studio strobe," explaining some of the confusing terminology, and helping break down which is better when and why.

Baby in China Blinded by Camera Flash? Probably Not

Earlier this week, China's official state newspaper People's Daily published a story on its website about how a 3-month-old baby had been blinded in one eye by a camera flash. The report said that a family friend forgot to turn off the camera's flash before taking a picture from around 1 foot away from the baby's face, causing permanent blindness in his right eye and a loss of vision in his left.

This is What You Get When You Fire a Camera Flash Inside Someone’s Mouth

Here's a strange portrait showing what you get when you fire an off-camera flash that's shoved into your subject's mouth. Certain parts of the human face are more translucent than others, resulting in a creepy skull-like appearance.

24-year-old Belgian visual artist Stijn Eeckhout tell us he shot the photo after he was curious about what the effect would look like.