Neurapix Instant Adds AI Editing to Lightroom Without Using the Cloud


The artificial intelligence-powered (AI) photo editor Neurapix has unveiled a new service that is able to deliver edited photos in real-time by eliminating the upload and download to and from the cloud steps entirely.

Called Neurapix Instant, the company says that the service delivers edited photos in “real-time,” building on a previous update that increased the speed of edits up to 600 photos per minute and reduced the time it took to train the AI from two days down to two hours.

The company says that in order to achieve this level of speed, and circumvent the typical process of uploading and then downloading from the cloud, Neurapix Instand works directly on the computer. And, since it doesn’t have to upload to the cloud, there is no limit to how many images a photographer can edit.

Neurapix Instant also adds the ability to automatically straighten photos, which the company says eliminates the need for manual alignment.

Previously, Neurapix relied on a cost-per-photo pricing structure, where it would charge $0.03 per photo up to 1,000 and $0.02 beyond that. But since Neurapix Instant doesn’t have limits, the company created two new pricing structures that are time based, not photo based.

The monthly unlimited pricing costs $80 while the annual contract reduces that to $50 per month.

“With Neurapix, you can benefit from our ‘All You Can Edit’ flat rate, which allows you to edit as many images as you want without worrying about additional costs,” the company says. “Choose between our annual or monthly subscription options, and start editing your images effortlessly! If you have fewer images to edit per month and the flat rate isn’t suitable, you can always opt for our pay-per-use option with cloud-based editing.”

As a point of reference, Neurapix’s previous pricing method would have edited 500 photos for about $10, so high-volume photographers are going to benefit considerably from this change while those who work on perhaps one project per month won’t see the same value.

Neurapix already undercut rival ImaginAI’s pricing, but this might be an even better deal for photographers that have to process a lot of images.

A full breakdown of everything Neurapix Instant offers, as well as details on pricing, can be found on the company’s website.

Image credits: Neurapix