Neurapix’s Enhanced AI Can Learn a Photo Editing Style in Just 2 Hours


Neurapix says it has accelerated its artificial intelligence (AI) software and is now able to learn a photographer’s style by analyzing a fraction of the photos it used to need — up to 24 times as fast.

The company’s AI-based software was broadly launched earlier this month and was able to learn a photographer’s editing style by analyzing 6,000 photos. The process, which took two days, could then be deployed to future sessions to reduce overall editing time.

The software uses AI to learn a photographer’s editing style and, through a Lightroom plugin, can then process photos in a way that mimics previous sessions. The company says that adjustments aren’t just copied and pasted but are instead intelligently adapted to images to assure they look correct regardless of subject matter or lighting. The company calls its software “SmartPreset” and over the last year, Neurapix says that its service has been used to process more than 20 million photos.

But in the two weeks since its public launch, Neurapix says it has already made a major technological breakthrough that makes its analysis step significantly faster. It now only requires 500 photos which it can analyze in about two hours in order to learn a photographer’s style.

“We were able to accelerate and simplify the ‘training’ of our AI significantly,” the company tells PetaPixel.

“This allowed us to eliminate the biggest hurdle — according to photographers — to using an AI as an editing assistant. Instead of 6,000 photos, the Neurapix AI now needs only one photo event with approximately 500 images — for example, one wedding — for training. We were able to reduce the training time from 48 to two hours!”

Neurapix says this huge leap in time savings makes its AI the “new standard” worldwide for AI photography software.

“We talk to photographers regularly to understand how we can best support them. Many have told us that training an AI is still quite time-consuming and the large number of images required is a barrier to entry. That’s why we took a close look at this area, simplified the process and significantly accelerated it.” Simon Diegmann, co-founder and CEO of Neurapix, says.

“This upgrade gives photographers what they value most: time.”

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Image credits: Neurapix