DxO PhotoLab Update Adds Powerful New Wide Gamut Color Control


DxO has announced an update to the PhotoLab software which brings much more powerful control over color, allowing users to simulate ink and paper combinations when soft proofing.

The company, which aims its software at photographers who demand the utmost in quality and control, says this new version of PhotoLab (version 6.3) will not only give users greater color control for soft proofing but also expands the performance of DxO’s Wide Gamut as well as gives photographers the option to edit JPEG and TIFF files from inside of the new color space.

According to the company, the new Soft Proofing tools will give photographers far greater precision when preparing their images for print and display by adding paper and ink simulations so that users can ensure their prints will be as accurate as possible.

The soft proofing palette features a Preserve Color Details slider that will help protect color details in highly saturated areas of the image when moving to “smaller” color spaces. Accessing the new features is as simple clicking a check box on the existing tool to activate the paper and ink simulations as specified by the selected ICC Profiles.

The new working color space was designed to provide photographers with “the ultimate color workflow for their RAW files” which is why adding JPEG and TIFF support was imperative so users can maximize their color capabilities. According to the company, this new improvement encompasses a wider gamut of color ranges in these formats than sRGB and RGB are capable of achieving.

In addition to the new color space tools, the 6.3 software update has expanded the cropping tool functionality to view the entire image area going beyond what photo editors typically display when cropping.

“Photo editing software typically crops an image as it corrects distortions, making the image conform to the standard ratio of the camera. This can cause part of the image to be lost. Sometimes photographers might want to access the maximum image projected by the lens and DxO PhotoLab 6.3 offers this option when using the Crop tool,” DxO says.

Finally, PhotoLab 6.3 adds a new Optics Module to allow users to stay in one place instead of jumping into a separate application to do so.

The new PhotoLab 6.3 from DxO is available now for download from the DxO Website starting at $139 for the Essential edition, and $219 for the Elite edition. Existing users will be able to upgrade for free from within the application.

Image credits: DxO