This Pint Glass Comes Embedded with a Real 35mm Film Canister

Photogenic Supply is offering pint glasses that feature a genuine 35mm film canister permanently embedded into the glass. The company’s founder Pano Kalo says he collects the discarded cassettes from local film labs and then recycles them into what he calls “beautiful, durable hand-made pint glasses that celebrate a passion for film photography.”

Photogenic Supply was formerly known as TogTees, but changed its name as the company started offering a wider range of photography-inspired products beyond the casual clothing that it started out with back in 2017.

The company’s mantra says that as it is made up of photographers, they strive to capture the passion for photography through unique and original designs.

“We take the same approach in our photography and in our product design — never deliver something you’re not proud of,” the company says. “Your work is your reputation, and it’s always worth it to put in that extra hour to make sure it shines. That has been our philosophy since day one, and that is why we are proud to send our tees around the world.”

Photogenic Supply is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and every product is designed by in-house artists. The compaby also works with local and domestic makers to create high-quality, long-lasting items that it hopes its customers will cherish for years.

Kalo says that that Photogenic Supply has been making the glasses in limited batches since late last year and that they are 100% made in the United States and are limited edition, as each glass is individually put together by hand and subject to what is described as an “extremely” limited supply. What film canister comes with each glass is also subject to what is available.

The glass is a 16-ounce (473 milliliters) pint glass and, as expected, hand washing is recommended. The glasses are available for $35 directly from the Photogenic Supply Company website or Etsy store.

In addition to a pint glass, Photogenic Supply also offers a whisky glass that also has a film canister embedded in it.

Beyond t-shirts and glassware, Photogenic Supply also offers woodcrafts, leather goods, and camera straps. The company’s latest releases can be viewed on its website.