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A Helpful Gear Guide for New Event Photographers


Event and wedding photographer Mik Milman has released a handy buying guide that lists all of the gear a beginner needs if they want to get into this niche. From camera bodies, to glass, to flash guns, he covers all the bases so you don’t waste money buying stuff you don’t actually need.

The video starts with the requisite disclaimer from Milman: don’t over-emphasize gear, get good at photography first. A good photographer can make crappy gear sing, while a bad photographer will still be bad even if they’re shooting with the best cameras, lenses, and lighting.

Once he gets that out of the way, he dives into his recommendations. Here are a few of the points he shares:

  • Get lenses that will give you the most bang for your buck, namely: a 24-70mm, then a 70-200mm, then an ultra-wide like a 16-35mm.
  • Don’t cheap out on memory cards: fast cards will save you time and anxiety.
  • Get a flash ASAP: it should be one of your first purchases, and third party is okay.
  • Don’t buy into crazy upgrade cycles: it’ll save you money and help you develop your skills.

Milman goes into much more detail on these tips and gear recommendations in the video above, in addition to naming more gear and sharing other tips we didn’t list. If you’re a beginner who isn’t sure where to start when it comes to event photography, he’s a fantastic resource, and we’re not just talking about this specific video.

If that describes you, check out the full video up top and then head over to his channel for lots more like it.