Hasselblad Announces 4 New Lenses for Mirrorless X1D: 3 Primes, 1 Zoom

Hasselblad doesn’t want to lose the momentum they gained by being the first to announce a mirrorless medium-format digital camera system with their exciting X1D. Which is why they’ve decided to announce not one, not two, not even three, but four lenses for the new system coming in 2017. One is available today.

The announcement is one fourth real news and three fourths teaser, but we’ll let this one slide. The four lenses announced are the XCD 35-75mm Zoom, XCD 65mm, XCD 22mm Wide Angle, and XCD 120mm f/3.5 Macro lenses, but only the 120mm Macro is getting here any time soon. Here’s a closer look at this lens:

“Providing a new versatility to the X1D user, the lens is suitable for both close-up work up to a 1:2 image scale, and also as a mid-range telephoto lens for portrait or other photography requiring a longer focal length,” writes Hasselblad by way of introduction to the new lens. “Auto or manual focusing goes from infinity to 1:2 without the need for extension tubes.”

Inside the lens, you’ll find an integral central shutter that allows flash synchronization up to 1/2000th of a second, and an aperture that goes from f/3.5 all the way to f/35. More detailed specs such as number of elements and groups, special elements, coatings, etc. were not mentioned in the specs Hasselblad sent us, and the official product page has yet to go live as of this writing.

The 120mm f/3.5 Macro is scheduled to arrive in June, although no price has been provided just yet. It brings the X1D-specific XCD lens line up to 4 lenses, and “by the beginning of 2018” Hasselblad promises to add three more lenses to the line—the aforementioned 35-75mm, 65mm, and 22mm—for a total of 7 dedicated XCD lenses.

Keep an eye on this page for more information about this lens… hopefully soon.