Developing a Zoom Lens for the X1D ‘Almost Impossible’ Says Hasselblad


The exciting new Hasselblad X1D launched with two prime lenses—a 45mm and 90mm—and a third (30mm) in the works. But if you’re hoping the fourth XCD lens will be a zoom, you’re out of luck. Hassy says a practical zoom lens for a camera like the X1D is “almost impossible theoretically.”

This revelation came from the Hasselblad Team itself, who is busily replying to just about every single comment/question on the company’s Facebook page right now. When one user expressed a desire for “an extremely compact normal lens (pancake lens) or compact zoom,” Hasselblad replied with the following statement (emphasis added):

On a shot-term we are introducing a 30mm wide angle lens already at Photokina in September… More XCD lenses to come next year. Having zoom will be difficult, as it almost impossible theoretically to develop a zoom lens for such large medium format sensor that is compact and practical for such portable camera.

The statement hinges on those words “compact and practical.” If you want a zoom lens for your X1D, you can certainly use one of Hasselblad’s H-series lenses with the appropriate adapter, but you’re sacrificing the portability this camera was built to feature.

Barring an optical breakthrough, it seems we shouldn’t expect any Hasselblad XCD zooms.

(via Mirrorless Rumors)