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Photographer Makes Website Seeking ‘SugarMama’ to Fund His Adventures



Like many of us, photographer Kyle Graham wants to travel the world having adventures and taking pictures full time. Unlike most of us, he’s decided to seek out a “SugarMama” to help him make this dream a reality.

It’s real. Graham has actually created a website called SugaraMama for Kyle, and it’s only kind-of sort-of a joke.

“I created the site for people to have a laugh,” he tells PetaPixel. “Although, at the same time, I’m not opposed to someone supporting me so I can create art all day everyday.”


The site comes complete with a “How It Works” and “What am I Looking For” sections, and a link to his Patreon in case you can’t drop the $2K/month Kyle says it would take to support him full time. So… how is this kind of arrangement supposed to work?

“Each month you deposit the agreed amount into my bank account,” he writes. “In return you get what we agree upon. What is agreed upon is done behind closed doors (Maybe those doors also!). This can include, free shoots, accompany me on adventures, prints, and the list goes on.”

You have to give Graham points for creativity. Even if he doesn’t find an actual SugarMama (or Daddy) to fund his adventures, the site is giving a few people a chuckle and sending others to his Patreon where you can support him in a more … traditional way.