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Povie is a Smartphone Necklace Mount for Shooting Hands-Free POV Video



Edelkrone’s new Povie is one of those inventions that makes you think “this is crazy… why didn’t I think of that!?” The … necklace mount? … holds an iPhone at neck level for POV photo and video purposes, and while it looks weird, it also looks very useful.

The little rig is pretty self-explanatory. You simply attach a circular clip to the back of your phone and put the Povie around your neck. After that, you can ‘snap’ your smartphone into place on the Povie anytime you want.

You can see the simple mount in action in the video below:

Like we said, there’s not much to it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come in handy. If you want to capture POV videos—as many photographers have done on shoots, for unboxings, or even for vlogging purposes—this’ll save you from having to buy a dedicated camera.

Since you already have a smartphone, you can just pick up a Povie for $50 and get to shooting.

It mounts in seconds and the necklace lets you tilt the phone so you can capture whatever angle you need. Easy peasy:


To find out more or pick one up for yourself, head over to the Edelkrone website by clicking here. And if you know of any other weird-but-useful gadgets we should cover on PetaPixel, share them in the comments or drop us a tip!

(via Edelkrone via Resource Magazine)