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This Baseball Cap Lets You Attach a Camera to the Brim


Strapping a smartphone onto a POV ‘necklace’ is soooo last season. If you want the newest, coolest way to receive weird looks on the street, the Smabow baseball cap with camera mount is definitely the way to go.

Joking aside (but only for a second) the Smabow is one of the stranger products we’ve seen in a while. Part baseball cap, part GoPro or smartphone mount, the Japanese product is meant to help you capture POV video with your phone or action cam while you take pictures with your actual camera. Or, put more dramatically in the product’s description on Japan Trend Shop:

Talk about multi-tasking! Make even the most mundane walk in the park look like a documentary with this simple but ingenious gadget!



Sure, it won’t hold your 5D Mark IV unless you add in some sort of steel plate and strap it to your head with super glue, but that’s not the point is it?

So if you’re interested in being “that guy” or just want to read the whole awesome blurb accompanying this odd product, head over to Japan Trend Shop and check it out for yourself. It’ll only cost you $51 if you wanna buy one…

(via CNET via Trend Hunter)