The Wing is a Tiny, Ingenious Camera Slider with No Rails

Edelkrone's motto, lately, seems to be: "Why not? Let's give it a shot!" It's the spirit behind products like their StandPLUS, the "reinvented tripod", and the strange-but-probably-useful Povie smartphone necklace mount. And it's the same spirit that, today, brings us the Edelkrone Wing.

Edelkrone QuickReleaseONE Claims to be the World’s First Universal Quick Release

If you constantly move your camera from one device to another in the course of your work, you may have experienced the annoyance and inconvenience of different manufacturers offering different plate designs. What they generally have in common, however, is the same standard tripod screw. The folks at Edelkrone used this fact to create the QuickReleaseONE, which the company claims is the world's first universal quick release for switching between plates.

Edelkrone PocketSkater2 is a Mini Camera Dolly You Can Fit In Your Pocket

Camera dollies can add beautiful and fluid movement to your videos, but they tend to be both bulky and difficult to travel with for extended periods. Edelkrone is here to try and fix that problem with the PocketSkater2, a product they are calling “the world’s most flexible fully featured camera skater that can fit in your pocket.” With an extensive collection of mini-dollies already available, what does the PocketSkater2 bring to the party?