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Ep. 10: Does Dweezil Zappa Actually Think He’s Taylor Swift? – and more


Episode 10 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Jon Willey, Director of Photography for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins

In this episode:

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Jon Willey, Director of Photography for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins opens the show.

Musician Dweezil Zappa defends his seemingly rights-grabbing concert photography contract. (#)

Remember Kodak? In 1956 they had pretty interesting (and perhaps useless) tips for those photographing Disneyland. (#)

An Australian photographer turns to the Internets (yes, the Internets) to locate a bride and groom in his photos. (#)

NASA does quite a bit of manipulation in Photoshop…but for very good reasons. (#)

A UNICEF campaign aims to help end bullying. Is this a photo project you can bring to your community? (#)

A Sony smartphone garners DxOMark’s highest sensor rating for smartphones. (#)

A Russian teens falls 9 stories to his death participating in an extremely dangerous type of photography. (#)

Atlanta gets set to repeal a stupid law which has made it illegal to shoot on public sidewalks since 1977. (#)

Instagram’s C.E.O. finally reveals where the company’s ban on nudity comes from. (#)

A mystery caller leaves us a voicemail with what I think is a photography question…I think.

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