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PSA: The DxO ONE Requires Two Hands at All Times



The new DxO ONE has generated a good deal of hype thanks to its promises of turning iPhones into 20MP “DSLR-quality” cameras. The first reviews of the camera are trickling out, and there’s one design issue with the camera that you should know about: to prevent having your phone fall and shatter, you should keep two hands on the camera system at all times.

Kevin Raber over at The Luminous Landscape just published a hands-on review of the camera, and he notes that the DxO ONE’s safety feature for protecting the Lightning connector automatically ejects your phone if a little too much stress is applied at the wrong angle.


“During my last week of testing, my iPhone fell off the DxO unit twice,” Raber writes. “Once it fell onto a concrete floor. Not cool.”

“The problem is the iPhone 6 Plus is a heavy phone and all that is holding it to the DxO One is a lightning connector […] A few good shakes and the camera becomes disconnected. Not acceptable.”

Here’s a short video in which he demonstrates how easily your iPhone will pop off if you try to hold the system with just one hand:

“During testing I had different people try the combination out and they had the same issues,” Raber says. “They were also very surprised at how easily it was for the camera to be disconnected from the iPhone […] Frankly there has to be a better way to make this solution work.”

It’s interesting that the only thing connecting your pricey iPhone and the $599 DxO ONE is a single lightning connector rather than some cleverly engineered locking mechanism, or even a snug case-style design. This is probably more of a design decision rather than a design flaw, but you should know that you’ll always need to keep two hands on your DxO ONE and iPhone — even if you’re not actively shooting.

The fact that the pairing is so prone to disconnecting may make many people think twice about picking up the DxO ONE to turn their phone into a more formidable camera for everyday life.

(via Luminous Landscape via Mirrorless Rumors)