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Photographing the Default Wallpaper for Windows 10



‘Bliss,’ the default wallpaper that shipped with Windows XP, was photographed in Sonoma County, California, and may be the most viewed photo of all time. For its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft enlisted the help of creative director Bradley G. Munkowitz for a fresh new default desktop photo that the company hopes will one day be just as iconic.

Munkowitz assembled a team at a photography studio in San Francisco to shoot images showing the Windows logo created by shining a projector through a pane of glass.


The crew used lasers, haze, projectors, flares, and a special camera mapping technique. Here’s a 2-minute behind-the-scenes video that offers a glimpse into the shoot:

Here’s the new default wallpaper that Munkowitz and his team created for Microsoft:


Windows 10 is scheduled to start shipping on July 29th, 2015, so get ready to see this photo in a lot more places very soon.

(via Windows via SlashGear)