The LG G6’s Wallpaper is Actually a Photo

The new LG G6 smartphone ships with an artsy wallpaper that looks like a stylized number 6. A neat fact about the image is that it’s not a computer rendered artwork: it took two months to create and shoot the photos.

Engadget reports that the artwork was created with paper, acrylic, and paint. Various pieces were carefully cut, sprayed, arranged, and lit, creating a piece with real colors and textures.

Here’s a 1-minute video by LG showing how the project was done:

Here’s a closer look at the finished photo wallpaper:

Part of the reason the project took so long was that different materials were used to create 4 versions of the same thing: there’s a different wallpaper displayed depending on which UI theme you’re using on the phone.

LG definitely isn’t the first company to create a digital-art-style default wallpaper with a camera: back in 2015, we shared how the default Windows 10 wallpaper was created by photographing light shining through a pane of glass.