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This Vintage BBQ Grill Was Made to Look Like a Roll of Kodak Camera Film

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From the annals of strange photography promo products comes this: a barbecue grill that’s designed to look like a roll of Kodak’s 200 Kodacolor VR film.

The grill seen in these photos was just sold on eBay by the store edsvinylstore-collectibles for $150 (plus $20 shipping). According to the seller, this grill was a sampler promotional product created by a company called Echo Manufacturing Co.

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The grill is tiny: when collapsed (the legs rotate into the sides of the canister), it measures just 16 inches tall and the round end is just 9 inches wide. You won’t be grilling giant steaks on this thing, but you could use it to “process” some smaller meats for dinner.

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Here are some more views of the grill from the listing that just ended:

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You can keep your eyes on edsvinylstore-collectibles’s online eBay store here, but we’re guessing they won’t have any more of these grills for sale. A quick search for “kodak grill” on eBay didn’t return anything either, so this item looks like it’s pretty rare and difficult to get your hands on.

Image credits: Photographs by edsvinylstore-collectibles/eBay

1 Comment